Trois couleurs: Rouge – Three Colors: Red

-It’s the sixth window they’ve broken. The wavelength has been changed. I can no longer eavesdrop.
-Where is the broom?
-In the kitchen closet.  Put the stone on the piano.
-You’re not afraid?
-I wonder what I’d do in their place.  The same thing.
-You’d throw stones?
-in their place? Of course. And that goes for everyone judged.  Given their lives, I would steal, I’d kill, I’d lie. Of course I would. ALL that because I wasn’t in their shoes, but mine.
-is there someone you love? Have you ever loved?
-Yesterday i dreamt…I dreamt of you. You were 50 years old,  and you were happy.

-Do your dreams come true?
-It’s been years since I dreamt something nice.

Krzysztof Kieslowski, Krzysztof Piesiewicz, Three Colors: Rouge (1994)


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